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Old media:


Newspapers these gigantic pieces of paper on top of one another that you flip around to gather information that you may or may not need in the course of your life. They are a fantastic way to learn more about current events that you are actually interested in. You can just choose whatever you want to read and skip out on the boring things. Downside is that you don’t get much visualization from the (usually just) one picture you’re looking at or what you’re reading especially if your imagination sucks. It sucks even more if you’re the type who’s too lazy to read.


Televisions are these boxes that magically show moving pictures. TVs are an effective way to deliver news to (mostly) lazy people and it is a better way to get the audience to understand the current happenings because it uses tons of visual aids to its audience. It gets plus points because the message is mediated through sound. So all you have to do is listen to the person talking, it’s like the reading is being done for you. Admit it; listening is a tad less exhausting than reading.


New media:

Computer screens today are considered new media. For me, media through the computer screen is a combination of both a newspaper and a TV news report. You can just take a pick at whatever you want to know about, whether be current or not. You don’t have to watch through stuff that you couldn’t care less just to watch the only thing that you couldn’t care more. If you’re interested about something, you can watch videos about it. If you’re still interested after that, you can read articles that talk about them in more detail. If you still are after that, congratulations, the internet officially did not creep you out! As a bonus feature of the internet, your interest can also be done in reverse order – reading first then watching.

I personally approve of this new type of culture. Aside from the above-mentioned reasons, new media provides more perspectives about the matter. It is faster now unlike newspapers where the news is already a day old and local TV news air mostly during evening. This puts old media quite in an ironic place since their so called “news” is not that new compared to new media’s wherein an article can appear within an hour of its reporting event. Statuses from Facebook and tweets from Twitter can be about the events happening seconds after, if not during the occurrence.


A disadvantage is that the authenticity of this plague of information is very much doubtful. There’s also the existence of people who have learned the ability to do real world crimes in the virtual world. Another is that some people consider social media, a virtual world, to be real world. The problem with that is the two seem to be connected with each other. Yes it should be in a way, because the virtual world uses the real world as its basis. But it should not be to the point that the virtual is overlapping the real. The bigger problem here is that there’s really nothing we can do about it. The scope new media covers is too large to reverse (assuming that it is reversible and we actually need to reverse it). After all, if you ask me, the good outweighs the bad by a landslide.

So if you don’t mind, I have to take an Instagram photo of me doing this blog at 3 in the morning while eating instant ramen with raw egg and posting it on Facebook and Twitter.

blog by: Evan Cedric Tan


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